Shashi Interiors: The state of coronavirus is rising day by day in India. The total number of cases as per 19th of April is 14,175 out of which 2547 have been discharged, cured or migrated and sadly 543 people gave up their lives while fighting through the coronavirus pandemic.

Every human needs to understand why this lockdown is mandatory. Since the spread of COVID-19 in different countries, the Prime Minister of India took a beforehand decision to stop all social meetups in the nation for which the situation in India is far better than the other countries.

Nevertheless, none can deny that the fear is still there as no vaccine or medicine has been invented to cure this pandemic. But this doesn’t mean you have to be stressed as you are not alone in this fight.

Stay Home but Stay Connected: Shashi Interiors

Shashi Interiors, the Interior Designer in Ranchi has brought its concern towards the needy who are suffering in this lockdown with no money or food. It wants to draw the attention of every individual by joining the path of the government to support the poor and working-class or the people of your locality who are driven by poverty amidst this lockdown.

Altough you are not allowed to step outside of your house unless you meet any emergency with a valid reason, still you can give your contribution through digital media. There are many trusts and funds like, ‘PM Care’s,  Ranchi Greater Lions Club, etc. through which you can mark your contribution by staying safe at home.

Shashi Interiors believes people should stay positive and strong at this time of crisis by maintaining self-isolation. However, this is the best time to connect to your peeps and family through online platforms to avoid social gatherings.  This will be a great help to fight back this thump of coronavirus in India.

Stay Safe, Stay Home and Stay Connected!

Stay Home But Stay Connected | Shashi Interiors

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