Commercial Interior Designer: All the states of the nation shall remain closed following the second lockdown to halt the spread of novel coronavirus with all the guidelines and appeals.  As addressed by the honorable Prime Minister of India before its citizen on the 14th of April at 10 a.m that the 21 Day lockdown will extend till the 3rd of May 2020. However, the non-hotspot areas of COVID-19 may open soon by the 20th of April.

As the commercial and private platforms will reopen soon after this long lockdown on 20th April, the organizations will have to boost their work efficiency to overlap the slowdowns.

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At this time, the best thing you can do in your office is to bring new changes to its aura. Nevertheless, it is manpower that will require running the system productively but if you bring changes to the ambiance of your organization, you will start visualizing the acceleration in the work of your employees that can bring you rapid profit and accountability.

Commercial Interior Designer

Commercial Interior Designing by Shashi Interiors

Till the 20th of April/3rd of May, your commercial platform will remain closed. Therefore you can utilize these days to work on the interiors of your office, shop, club, showroom, mall, etc. by staying safe at home.

The online platform is now the best place to start anything. Even at this time of self-isolation, you can plan the interiors of your private or commercial place with the help of Shashi Interiors which is the Leading Commercial Interior Designer in Ranchi.

Take the lead of designing the interior of your organization/institution even in this lockdown by conveying your concern to Shashi Interiors which has deployed many platforms in Ranchi to an aesthetic working area with creative designs, patterns, colors, textures, appliances, furniture, etc. of fire-proof materials which adds safety to the professional/traditional/modern look of interiors.

Know More about Commercial Interior Designer in this Lockdown 2.0 | Shashi Interiors

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