Fight Against Coronavirus: The country has been locked down to fight the thump of coronavirus. At this unprecedented situation in India, the government is taking all the safety measures to protect its public. Now, this phase calls for unity in humanity for which each individual must gear up their effort to help the government halt the coronavirus pandemic.

Fight The Coronavirus By Making Your Contribution | Shashi Interiors

As the major sectors are closed physically except the essential providers, you must understand the effect of COVID-19 as this step was never taken in the last 100 years.

The government has already sanctioned Rs.15000 crore for COVID-19 Emergency Response and Health System Preparedness Package which is to help the country fight this pandemic without a folly.

At this delicate situation, people and different industries are putting their effort by giving small to big contributions to the COVID-19 helpdesk to save the nation. Shashi Interiors too has collaborated with Lions Club of Ranchi to mark their effort to fight against the coronavirus.

What are your efforts?

Even if you are not capable of contributing large amounts, initiate your effort by marking small contributions.

Apart from this, the greatest contribution as your part of the effort will be your maintenance of self-isolation at your home.

Take proper safety measures and protect yourself and your family from getting immuned to the coronavirus.

Get yourself checked through the government apps by staying safe at home and don’t let your stepping out of the home affect the life of yours and your family. Be a responsible citizen of India and unite along by maintaining self-isolation.

Additionally, don’t get trapped with the fake news and myths. Catch up with the real news and take up your social responsibility to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gear Up Your Effort To Fight Against the Coronavirus

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